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Spring Collection - Bring the beauty of spring into your home!


  • Our Philosophy

    We believe what's on the inside matters. We use cruelty-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic ingredients in all of our products. Only the best for you and your best friend!

  • Our Mission

    We are driven by our commitment to donate 10% of profits to animal welfare organizations, so that as many dogs as possible can know the joy of a loving home.

  • Our Products

    We make our products by hand in small batches to ensure quality. We believe in ingredient transparency & sharing what we use & why.

  • Our Vision

    Sustainability is central to who we are. Our vision is to tread lightly on this planet. Our products and packaging are designed to be reused or recycled, and we use plant-based ingredients such as 100% soy wax and wild-crafted & organic witch hazel as the base for our candles and room sprays.